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At Flippo's Carefree Living we believe the relationships we establish are every bit as important as the services and amenities we provide. From our residents and their families to the people who work here, every relationship is important. It is these relationships that are the foundation for everything that we do. The relationships we look to build with our residents don't merely begin and end with an understanding of their medical history and physical limitations. We are just caring for parts of a person we're caring for the whole person, and in getting to know them and their life stories, we are able to build a relationship that is based more on who they are rather than where they are. And this in turn allows us to provide them with much more than care and services, we can provide them with a home and a sense of belonging. That's what we strive for everyday!

It is not just us getting to know our residents stories, they get to know ours as well. To our residents the people that work here have never been employee's, rather they are friends and confidants. When you are able to build a genuine relationship between caregivers and residents, you see it is not just their lives you are improving but your own as well. Great care doesn't come from having to do something it comes from wanting to do it. I always tell people that if you approach people in the right way and with the right attitude you will always get more back than you give. That is one of the great benefits when it comes to caring for others.

Just as important as the relationships we build with our residents are the ones we build with their families. Most of our residents have retired here and thus don't have family in close proximity. These families place in us a great deal of confidence and trust, because we are indeed caring for some of the most important people in their life. I believe it is of great important that these families know why we are here, and the reasons we are doing this. If we are not able to maintain their trust and confidence then we have indeed fallen short of what we believe is expected of us.



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