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06/06/2009 - An Education in Life      

My job has been my education.  I joke with people that I got my bachelors degree from the University of Arkansas, but I got my masters in life at Carefree Living.  It has been my residents, both current and passed who have taught me some of life's most valuable lessons.  The answers to many of life's questions aren't found in class rooms or books, but rather in people and their life stories.  Through these stories I know that what is most important in life is not your destination but the road you traveled along the way.  This is what defines the people I see everyday, not their medication lists, or their age.  These are people who have experienced the best and worst of what life has to offer, and they have come through it and are willing to share their insight with those who would ask.  As you listen, you cannot help coming away inspired.  And, that's what my people at Carefree Living are to me, an inspiration.  From the secrets of a successful 65 year marriage, to the pain of coping with the loss of a child I get to hear the stories that have made these individuals what they are.  Everyday I hope that I continue to be the kind of person who is worth sharing these stories with.

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