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09/07/2009 - Adapt and Overcome      

  When people move into Carefree Living, very rarely are they just chomping at the bit to get here.   You must think that it is usual less than ideal circumstances that prohibit a person from being able to live independently at home to begin with.  However, I am amazed at how well versed our people are when it comes to such changes so late in their life.  They are survivors, they didn't reach ninety by mistake, and are willing to do whatever they must to make the best of life's circumstances.  Changes, along with death, and taxes are perhaps life's only certainties.  Whether we want change or not, it is coming our way in one faucet or another, and sometimes the best we can do is decide how we are going to react to it.  Last night while driving home from a friends wedding in Florida, the transmission on my car went out.  Frustrated, wouldn't begin to describe my initial reaction, but by the time I got home, I thought to myself that I am fortunate to have a car to fix; many of my people here at Carefree Living would give anything to just jump in their car and drive to Florida for a weekend.  They would tell you now that they'd rather replace their transmission than have to give up their keys for good.  As my friend Doris has told me many times, "Scott, giving up my house and moving into Carefree Living, was easy compared to giving up my car".   So, I won't complain, anymore, I'll just do what's necessary, and remember that if this is the toughest thing that happens this week, than it has been a good week indeed!


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